What we do

We offer services in the following areas.

Domiciliary Care

This is our care at home service which promotes independent living. Our carers will come into your home as and when you need them to help with tasks like walking, personal care, food preparation, cleaning etc. This will help if you don't want to go to a care home and its safe for you to live in your home.

Supported Living

We provide supported living service for people with complex needs. Supported living can help if you are not managing at home but also wouldn't want to move to a care home. Supported living is a combination of a suitable home and a care package. Its entirely up to you how you want us to tailor-make the care package for you.

Live-in Care

This is the full alternative to going and living at a care home. A trained carer will come and live with you helping with your daily duties and tasks. Its up to you how long you want the carer, one week, two weeks or just for respite to cover holidays. Its entirely up to you how you want you want us to tailor-make the care your package.

Healthcare Training

We offer all mandatory training courses for healthcare professionals. This ranges from the care certificate, safeguarding, moving and handling, health safety and welfare, infection control + more. If you are a healthcare professional we are here to help you stay compliant and up-to-date with your training.

Domestic Cleaning

This is our home cleaning service which promotes domestic hygiene. Our carers will come into your home as and when you need them to specifically help with cleaning. This will help if you are not physically fit and you need you need to keep your house tidy. Our carers have infection control training.

Support Work

We support people with learning difficulties who live in the community. If you require someone to walk with when you go out or someone to help with shopping or attending events . Our support workers are there to help you live a fulfilling life so you can fully enjoy community life depending on your needs.

Complex Care

As our agency is nurse-led, we also provide complex care in the home to individuals with chronic illnesses or long-term health needs. This subset includes those with spinal injuries, brain injuries, neurodegenerative conditions such as Motor Neurone Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and many others. Typically, such individuals may require specialist care such as PEG, NIV, Cough Assist, Nebuliser, Catheter and Tracheostomy care among others. Our well trained and competent staff provide this care in the service user’s home.

Are you a Professional

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How We Work

The following will give you a glimpse of how we provide our service

Highly Qualified Staff

We employ the best healthcare assistants and support workers who are committed to providing the best possible care and aim to have them on at least NVQ level 2 training within the first 12 months of employment. Each service user will have a named key worker from our qualified staff. We ensure regular staff quarterly supervision and annual appraisals are carried out.

Six C's Recommended By NHS England

Gracious Healthcare Services Ltd has embraced the 6 C’s recommended by the NHS England, therefore our services are delivered and underpinned by those values ensuring that our staff deliver exceptional care with compassion, highly competent excellent communication with courage and committed to excellence. We work in partnership with service users and commissioners.

Policies and Procedures

We have robust policies and procedures that are in conjunction with the relevant legislation. We have an ongoing Quality Assurance system ensuring that high standards of care are maintained through regular audits, risk assessments, staff education, training and development, using evidence based practice, openness, listening to feedback, monitoring and evaluating care provision.